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12 Things A Man Should Never Do For A Woman No Matter How Much You Love Her

Things A Man Should Never Do For A Woman “No Matter How Much You Love Her
Most men act childish when they are really in love and this has cost them a great deal. It is not bad to please a woman but over doing it makes one stupid. As a man, you must be smart enough to read in between the lines to know what’s favorable and what’s not.
We are not saying you shouldn’t be romantic, it is a good thing to be romantic but not to the detriment of yourself and you should know that, just because something might be done in the name of love does not make it the right thing to do and these are the few you should try as much as possible to avoid or never be tempted to do for a woman, regardless.

1. Steal For Her
Obviously, we all know where this will end you and by the time you will be back, someone might have taken your place. Never allow anything to push you to steal in order to please your woman because if she later finds out you actually stole a gift for her, she might drop you, unless of course, you are in it together like Bonny and Clyde.
2. Pay For Her Education
It is not a bad thing to support her education, if you can help but to take full responsibility for everything to your own detriment can be dangerous. We are all humans and we change from time to time, most men actually think funding a girl’s education means they’ll be forever indebted to them, ending up getting married to them but we’ve seen several scenarios where the women will end up finding love elsewhere. This has been suicidal to many men.

3. Buy Her A House When You Don’t Have One
Common sense should tell you, you should build your dreams together but not favor her and think of yours later. Building a house for a woman when you don’t have one yourself can make you is wrong in every way. When she finally jilts you and lives in it with another man. There are many men still biting their fingers over thism.
4. Fight Another Man Because Of Her
Fighting because of her doesn’t prove anything. Two things are likely to happen, either the person beats you to a pulp and end up in the hospital or you will beat the person and end up in jail, either way, you don’t win. Unless it is for self-defense
5. Reject Your Family Because Of Her
A family is everything and no matter what, you can’t reject them because your woman doesn’t like them. It will be very dangerous on your part to reject your family all because of a woman.
6. Change Your Appearance
These days, there are many men doing a lot, taking pills to make changes to their bodies all because they feel that’s what women love. Changing you to please a woman means the moment you stop trying she’ll go, ideally, people you be with should love you for who you are.
7. Give Up On Your Dreams To Satisfy Her
So there are many men out there who gave up on their dreams to help their woman achieve theirs or were discouraged by women. These same women dumped them afterwards. Never do this after reading this.
8. Being Over-Submissive
It is nice to be sweet to your woman but always learn to set the records straight and don’t try to always appear weak to her and succumb to all her wishes in the interest of pleasing her. Truth is, women actually hate weak men and will prefer you’re sweet and sour.

9. Starve Yourself For Her
Never forfeit your food for her, at least you can share but to give all to her and go hungry, that’s not love, that’s stupidity.
10. Kill For Her
Never ever even think about executing such an atrocity for a woman no matter how convincing the situation is, because if you end up in jail, another man will take your position.
11. Die For Her, Literally
So many men have committed suicide because of a woman. What’s the sense in it when you’re finally dead and gone. Live to fight another day

12. Add yours. 
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DOWNLOAD Jenifa’s Dairy Season 7 Episode 3 [S07E03] – The New Job (Part 2)

As the interesting comic video, Jenifa's Diary continues in its new episodes and series, watch what happens next in the movie.

Download and enjoy!!!

Download and Watch Jenifa’s Dairy Season 7 Episode 3 [S07E03] – The New Job (Part 2) Below:- 
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Download Video: Stoke City 1 – 1 Manchester United United [Premier League] Highlights 2017

Wayne Rooney finally became Manchester United’s all-time top scorer with a late goal to rescue a point against Stoke City in a 1-1 draw at the Britannia Stadium.

Mark Hughes named an unchanged side while Jose Mourinho made four changes with Chris Smalling, Daley Blind, Marouane Fellaini and Mata coming in for Marcos Rojo, Matteo Darmian, Michael Carrick and Anthony Martial.

Stoke took the lead after 19 minutes, Mata diverting an Erik Pieters cross past his own goalkeeper to open the scoring.

United had chances to get back into it but had to wait until stoppage time when substitute Rooney scored his 250th goal for Manchester United with a superb free kick to grab a point. 

Download and Watch Stoke City 1 – 1 Manchester United United [Premier League] Highlights 2017 Below:- 
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HORROR!!! Images Of Alleged “Organ Farm” In Malaysia-Thailand Border Shocks Social Media - See More Photos

Some disturbing images of dead children, allegedly killed by “organ farmers” in the Malaysia-Thailand border went viral online, warning parents never to let their children off their sight lest their young fall victim to these syndicates too.
The images, shared by Facebook user Goh Soo Heng, said that over 700 dead bodies of children were found with their organs being emptied. 
The images showed children lined up like livestock with cut marks all over them, some being tied up or ‘packed’ into cardboard boxes. The gruesome images suggest these are the work of organ farming syndicates, looking to kidnap children in order to harvest their organs for sale in the black market.

The gruesome images suggest these are the work of organ farming syndicates, looking to kidnap children in order to harvest their organs for sale in the black market.
Goh warns parents to always keep their children under watch at all times when abroad, lest they lose their children to these evil syndicates.
The Coverage are unable to verify the claims nor the origins of these images.
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Download Video: HOT Igbotic Lady Seen Doing Discreetly In Her Bedroom - She’s Got It, So She’s Flaunting It (Watch Video)

A young lady in a revealing dress has been massively trending on social media after she dropped this sensual video.
This young lady left dancers and video vixens with some tips about captivating the minds of their audience in music videos. 

Download and Watch The Video Below:- 
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Friday, January 20, 2017

Top 9 Dirtiest Body Parts That We Never Thought Were Dirty

What will you answer if asked what is dirtiest part in your body? You answer might be anus right? But no, its not it.

Most people consider anus as dirtiest part in body due to it contact with faecal matter. But it is discovered by scientist at Harvard school of dental medicine that there are more than 615 different kinds of bacteria messing up your mouth, tongue and other part making them dirty of dirtiest.

This could be shocking for you to know your mouth is the dirtiest part of your body. Mouth is proven the house of 600 different types of bacteria lives in by scientist at Harvard school of dental medicines. So hope you got the point to clean your mouth properly.

Your armpit is collection of more than 80,000 bacteria and that’s why it stinks. Deo and perfumes can smell good but cannot deal with those germs; it’s your job to clean daily with good antibacterial soap.

Wax provides lubrication to ear canal and protect from various bacteria, insect and water but due to this ear wax ear is the dirtiest part of the body. Not cleaning them can lead to fungal infections. Ear has self cleansing ability still maintain outer hygiene.

Along with mouth tongue is also house of bacteria sticking to it. Tongue changes it’s colour due to bacteria. So every time you clean your mouth don’t forget to clean tongue along with tongue cleaner.

If you love long nails so this is for you to know that skin under nails have deadliest bacteria that could lead you to death if not cleaned properly. That is why it is always suggested to clean your hands and nails before eating and making food. These bacteria could be very harmful so beware.
Itching in your head is not only caused by dandruff itself unless it got mixed with bacteria which makes your head another dirtiest part. Wash your hairs on regular basis to avoid these bacteria eating your scalp.

Yes, your belly button include in the list of dirtiest part of body. It may be seen clean but could serve as a den for unseen bacteria. Not cleaning your navel can form naval stone in your belly button which latter could take form of tumour. This is necessary to clean it properly every time you bath.

Need not to discuss more about this as we know many bacteria stay in dirty things so that anus could be one among the dirty parts unless you clean it properly.

Its in your face and you have not notice any dirt in your nose but still it is surrounded by many negligible bacteria. You need to give attention in cleaning this part as well.
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I Love Him, But This Happens To My Body Whenever He Penetrates – Cheating Wife Confesses

Relationship blogger, Joro Olumofin has published the story of a woman who is gleefully cheating on her husband with a plan to divorce him. 

According to the person, she climaxes and her legs shake as soon as the man penetrates her. She is currently seeking for a crazy and wild relationship like that of American stars, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.
Read her story below:- 
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See The Curves On An Hausa Lady That Got People Talking (Photos)

See The Curves On An Hausa Lady That Got People Talking Online. 
See the full photos below:- 

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Exposed!!! See Why Lagbaja Hides His Real Face By Wearing Mask

Lagbaja Full Face REAL FACE
Nigerian high-life musician and a new Glo Ambassador, Bisade Ologunde aka Lagbaja is without doubt the best in his game.
Since he started his career, he has never revealed his real face (identity) to the outside world.
The picture above has become a subject of an intense debate on who the real man behind the mask is.
An anonymous source has revealed why Lagbaja never unmask his face.

Why Does Lagbaja Wear A Mask? 

In response to the above picture, here is what the source said: 

This is not Lagbaja, I know him. Why are you even trying to unmask him? He has his reasons for wearing the mask. He used to be in the choir in one Baptist Church in Ilorin and his parents are prominent Baptist members. His family opposed his decision to sing that kind of music. They believed that he wanted to disgrace them because of their position in the church. That was why he put the mask. The Ologundes are from Ijagbo near Offa in Kwara State.

That mask is what makes him unique… Isn’t it?
His family’s opposition to his career choice might be a blessing in disguise.
What do you think?
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TONTOH DIKEH’S MARRIAGE CRISIS WORSENS!!! Her Husband Posts Another Photo Of Their Son’s Face And Wrote This (MUST SEE)

Tonto Dikeh’s husband has unveiled another photo of their son’s face as he celebrates him on his 11th month birthday. 

He wrote:

“Whatever plan the devil has for you won’t work, you shall excel and rule like the king that you are.i love you so much. #replica #thekingishere #kingandreaproperties”

There are insinuations that the actress and her husband are having issues with their marriage over infidelity matter.

This made the actress drop her husband’s surname, Churchill from her social media handle.
The actress is alleged to have accused her husband of dating his personal assistant. 
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How To Fix WhatsApp Not Working On Blackberry Phones

Has your Whatsapp stopped working on blackberry BB10 phone?? Here’s how to fix it and make your Whatsapp work again on your device, although the permanent solution as we both know remains getting yourself either an Android phone or iOS device.
You would recall, Whatsapp had earlier announced last year December as termination date to end support for Whatsapp running on older devices not excluding blackberry phones ( bb10 inclusive ), Nokia S40 and Nokia Symbian S60 devices, the company however shifted it to June 2017

However, despite the lingering suspension, most BB10 users kept sending in reports that they are unable to use whatsapp on their phone, while few others said they just saw the message but are still chatting and making use of the app.

Most users of BB10 devices woke up to realized Whatsapp had stopped working on their phone, even before the expected expiration date, well today happens to be your lucky day, here’s how to make Whatsapp work again on blackbbery bb10 phones so if you use one, kindly read on..


To get this fixed, All you need to do is a simple. Once you are unable to chat, just launch your “Blackberry World” and quickly update your WhatsApp application. immediately this is done, you should be able to continue using the app (till June deadline).

Well its that simple friends, now you can continue using Whatsapp on your blackberry, but we advice you do the needful, get an Android phone or iOS device before the JUNE 2017 deadline. 
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Popular Ponzi money doubling scheme, Mavrodi Mondial Movement, MMM, has come up with a stringent measure, after it appears participants are no longer willing to invest in the scheme. 

The scheme in a message to its participants said to get help, they must first provide one.
In the message left on the PO of its participants, the message, “Your MAVRO are Frozen or have “unconfirmed” status so you are not able to withdraw them.
“To have your Mavro confirmed, you should provide help.”
Despite setting N31.735 maximum withdrawal limit for participants, the Mavrodi Mondial Movement, MMM, is still finding it difficult to pay those who need help.
This is coming barely a week after it reopened operations after one month freezing on accounts that generated anxiety among participants.
Upon its return also, the MMM was said to have been considering jerking up the interest rate to 40 per cent from the current 30 per cent rate, after a top guider said MMM was indeed worried that, “the excitement and inflow has rapidly dropped.”

It was gathered that the Ponzi scheme has set the said amount as maximum withdrawal limit so as to avoid crashing on return.
Checks, however, reveal that many who tried to withdraw even the set limit have been frustrated and have continued to hope on getting help. They say, errors response pops up each time they try to get help.
While some now rain insults on the management of the scheme, others say they are praying to get their monies back before the worse happens.
Some participants said in confidence that the maximum withdrawal remains the same, despite the amount of money one has invested.
On the social media, users are currently lamenting.
@goldenval wrote: “Despite over 2million there, mine is showing 31k limits.”
@suedes: “Mine is 31k Limit despite my over 800k in the account and it’s showing error if you want to get help of that 31k. I don’t know how they calculated it, the 31k is less than 5percent of my money.”
“Fedayeen02: “Who will Provide the Help undecided?”
“akpos247: “I’ve lost faith in Mmm cos I’ve been matched but wen I called the person, he said he is not going to pay. I don’t blame him cause the way things are going, I wouldn’t have paid if I was in his shoes.
“They are not consistent, they had one month to resolve the whole issues.”
@fifty: “That’s because it’s not a withdrawal limit. The programmers hv worked on P.Os to enable small cash outs for the benefit of those who have small amts.”
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Latest IMEI Numbers To Get MTN 2GB For 500 Naira Double Data Bonus

Hi friends, today we’ll share with you some valid list of working imei numbers to get mtn double data bonus that offers 2GB for N500, 8GB for N2000 among others, recalled we had sometimes last year published an article on that while the sharp ones are busy flexing till date.
So if you are hearing about this for the very first time, well you haven’t missed much, how to get double data on mtn each time you subscribe to any of their data plan is as simple as it could be, the offer literally gives subscribers 100% data bonus on each of their plan, but with a clause..

Here’s how the double data offer works, lets assume you subscribe for MTN 1gb for N500, instead of being credited with 1GB you get 2GB for the same price. similarly when you opt for the MTN 1.5GB for #1000, you get 3GB for that same price ..

As rightly stated above, this offer comes with a ” but ” and that’s because not everyone is eligible which required you buying one of the latest smartphones with support for mtn double data promo, interestingly this gap can be bridge, and the only way round it, is to get a valid working mtn imei numbers and tweak it with your phone.

Now that you know what the imei’s are meant for, i believe you also know how to tweak it ?? since you do, shall we then proceed to the full list of working valid imei numbers to get mtn 2gb for 500 double data bonus.

Here are Latest MTN IMEI numbers for double data bonus 

  • 351664085699928
  • 351664085699656
  • 351664085693890
  • 351664085699388
  • 351664085693372
  • 351664085699456
  • 351664085699489
  • 351664085699309
  • 351664085699288
  • 351664085699609
  • 351664085699099
  • 351664085699611
  • 351664085699011
  • 351664085699231
  • 351664085699123
  • 351664085699094
  • 351664085699389
  • 351664085699009
  • 351664085699227
  • 351664085699200
  • 351664085699490
  • 351664085699229
  • 351664085699009
  • 351664085699502
  • 351664085699190
  • 351664085693399
  • 351664085699339
  • 351664085699600


  • 354554071154467
  • 354554071157890
  • 354554071153889
  • 354554071154900
  • 354554071157378
  • 354554071157299
  • 354554071157209
  • 354554071157202
  • 354554071157201
  • 354554071157777
  • 354554071152783
  • 354554071157171
  • 354554071157231
  • 354554071157111
  • 354554071157118
  • 354554071150811
  • 354554071154892
  • 354554071157245
  • 354554071157823
  • 354554071157256
  • 354554071157333
  • 354554071157278
  • 354554071157922
  • 354554071157265
  • 354554071157000
  • 354554071157178
  • 354554071157298
  • 354554071157139
  • 354554071157124
  • 354554071152277
  • 354554071157387
  • 354554071157888
  • 354554071157013 
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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

OMG!!! Actress Angela Okorie Wants Thunder To Fire Bobrisky - See Her Instagram Post!!

Actress Angela Okorie took to Instagram to inform Bobrisky that the thunder that will fire him is coming from the North.

She wrote:-

“These days you see a man applying make up on his face just for girls on Instagram. The thunder wey go fire u dey come from North.”
Do you want thunder to strike him too? Drop your comments. But remember we will miss him.
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Federal Loss!!! Two Beautiful Female Corpers Tragically Pass Away In Akwa Ibom

2 NYSC members reportedly lost their lives, yesterday, in an accident while on their way from Etinan to Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, to use the Automated Teller Machine, ATM for a financial transaction.

Their pictures have been trending online with Nigerians condoling with their family members.

Details about their identities are currently sketchy.

Follwing unfortunate incidents like this, Nigerians have overtime questioned the essence of the NYSC programme which was introduced in 1973 to foster unity and peaceful coexistence among Nigerians from different ethnic groups. 
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