Sunday, February 26, 2017

Photos: Students Expose Randy Lecturer That Loves Anything Under The Skirt - Shares His Neykked Photos Online - See Shocking Photos

The photos of a randy University lecturer of the Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University, Lapai, has surfaced online.

Reports stated that the lecturer (Names Withheld) tried to have c3xual lntercourse with students against their will.

It was also learnt that a frustrated student who could not take the threat any longer, set a trap for him with the help of other students and posted a picture alleged to be that of the lecturer online.

Below is the reports as shared:- 

The lecturer has slept with many female students on campus in exchange for marks or grade upgrade. He is described as a Lecturer that “likes anything under the skirt”.

With the state of Nigerian Universities, reporting this lecturer to the school authority might not change a thing, instead it might put the education of the reporter in jeopardy.

The career of this lecturer came down crashing when some set of students decided enough is enough, hence plotted his down fall. He was seduced and trapped by a female student used as a bait to lure him into the “other room” hence, his exposure as he becomes an Internet celebrity overnight.
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Holy Moses!!! See What This Policeman Was Caught Doing With This Half-Neykked Woman With Her b000bs Completely Open In The Public

OMG!!! This trending Hilarious picture got everyone dumbfounded. We wonder what this police man was doing with this woman in broad daylight. 

See The Full Photo Below:- 
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Watch Video: #BBNaija Goes Extreme!!! Watch Video Of Bisola Giving TTT A Cexual Arousing Lap Dance

Some people have said that the two people really bringing live to the show are housemates, TTT and Bisola – as the pair continue counting their days in the Big Brother house, they’re sure making their time spent there count.
ThinTallTony, who has not been dubbed as the playboy of the house, had yet another steamy session with his fellow housemate, Bisola, who gave him an erotic lap dance, as she enclosed his genitals with her derriere as if they were performing real c*xual lntercourse, this happened just after all the festivities of the Friday night games. 

Download and Watch The Video Below:- 
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Watch Viral Video: Lmao!!! Watch Video Of Hilarious Officer Falling Down Like A Chicken On A National Parade | What Was He Thinking Of?

What was this Soldier thinking of? Forgetting his gun and falling like a chicken. 
Watch the Video, Have Fun and enjoy your day. 

Download and Watch The Video Below:- 
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Check Out 13 Habits That Reduces The Efficiency Of Manh000d Erecti0n Without You Knowing

I received an anxious, nervous, agitated and fretful mail from one of our numerous fans and the content of the mail gave me an insight into some of the things men ignorantly do that could cause permanent damage to their pen!s unknowingly.

The mail read thus, ‘Hi Funmi, I need help fast! I am surprised at the level of the rapid change in my pen!s recently. It is not only getting smaller by the day, it shrinks, looks unhealthy, wrinkled and changing colour fast in an alarming way. To a certain extent, I am beginning to think maybe there is an inner ailment in me that may be the reason for this.

Please what is the appropriate solution? A very worried fan’.

After reading the mail, I realised that the solution for this fan will be very handy to all our readers out there. A man’s manhood is best represented through his pen!s. The pen!s is the pride of a man and his biggest source of insecurity or security. However, many men are unaware that they’re not treating their “manhood” right. The modern lifestyle has brought upon a number of habits which affect a man’s “manhood” in a negative way and if something isn’t done about the issue, it could leave a permanent damage. There are some things you can do to prevent further damage and treat your “manhood” right.

I have compiled a list of damaging habits which should be eliminated if you want your “manhood” to remain your biggest pride and avoid further damage. So, let us look into these habits.

One: Basically, you may need to look into your eating and lifestyle habit. pen!s does not have to change in colour, size, look and texture if your general health is in perfect state. Things go wrong with the pen!s especially when you eat or do things that can damage your pen!s ignorantly. Do you know that intake of synthetic sugar can damage your pen!s? Too much intake of sugar isn’t just bad for your body alone; it shrinks the pen!s faster than any other chemical you can ever know of.

The body uses one type of sugar called fructose, to make fat. Too much refined sugar and high-fructose corn syrup causes a fatty buildup on the tiny capillaries, arteries of the pen!s that can lead to pen!s disease. Some studies show that sugar can be as damaging to the pen!s as alcohol does, even if you’re not overweight. It’s one more reason to limit foods with added sugars, such as soda, pastries, and the likes.

Two: Too much consumption of some herbal supplements for general health. Even if the label says “natural,” it may not be okay for you. For instance, if the content is not in adequate dosage and the potency is extremely high for your body, it may also not be too good for your p*nis.

Three: Extra pounds, especially around your waist, and in your tummy filling down to the base of your pen!s. The extra fat can build up in or around the base of your pen!s and also inside the fine arteries of your pen!s or the capillaries. It leads to fatty blockage preventing free flow of blood in and around your p*nis. Over time, it can harden and scar the tissue of the pen!s. You are more likely to get your pen!s shirk, look smaller if you are overweight or obese, middle-aged, or have diabetes, or have high cholesterol or high blood pressure. You may not be able to turn things around. Diet and exercise can stop the disease.

Four: Too much vitamin A from supplements. Your body needs vitamin A, and it’s fine to get it from plants such as fresh fruits and vegetables, especially those that are red, orange, and yellow. But if you take supplements that have high doses of vitamin A, that can be a problem for your pen!s, this is a recent discovery by researchers.

Five: Are you a lover of soft drinks or alcohol? Before you drink the next bottle, think of your pen!s. Because research shows that people who drink a lot of soft drinks are more likely to have fatty pen!s disease. Studies don’t prove that the drinks were the cause. But if you down a lot of sodas and have been trying to cut back, this could be a good reason to switch what you sip.

Six: Does your wife cook with lot of trans fats oil, I will rather you eat with no oil or go for natural ones. Trans fats are man-made fat in some packaged foods. (You’ll see them listed as “partially hydrogenated” ingredients). A diet high in trans fats makes you more likely to gain weight. That’s not good for your p*nis. Men who indulge in processed foods high in trans fats (cookies, cakes, chocolate, chips, and fried and processed foods, especially the ones sold while in traffic) have poorer pen!s and sperm quality than those who followed a healthy diet (whole grains, vegetables, and fish).

Seven: If you’re a passionate smoker, you already know it damages your health in general. However, you might not know that it is damaging your pen!s and sperm as well. The tissue of your pen!s is a spongy like organ with tiny holes and flesh; the more you smoke the more some of the nicotinic acid enters into those tiny holes and get trapped in and get the holes blocked. This further damages the sperm production, making the sperm harder time fertilizing an egg. So, if you’re planning a family, you might want to cut back on smoking or stop entirely as it may leave permanent damage and irreversible consequences. Men who stay nicotine-free have wider, firmer erections and reach maximum cexual arousal, effectively diminishing their erectile dysfunction.

Eight: If you are not exercising enough or you are exercising too much, either ways your pen!s is in danger. Men who exercise more regularly, averagely and adequately have better erectile and cexual function and functional stronger pen!s than men who live a sedentary lifestyle. And men who reported more frequent exercise had higher s*xual function scores. Conversely, men who exercised less reported lower levels of cexual function. Men who watch more than 20 hours of TV weekly have an inactive pen!s cells and a 44 per cent lower sperm count than those who watched almost no TV.

Nine: If you rationed your cexual involvement, your pen!s will be the one to suffer for it. The more cex you have, the less likely you are to suffer erectile dysfunction, because your pen!s is in good condition. Your pen!s is not only put to good use but regular good use. Men who reported having s*x less than once per week had double the incidence of erectile dysfunction. Remember if you don’t use it, you lose it.

Ten: If you don’t sleep well, your pen!s will slumber, men who get an insufficient amount of sleep will experience a lower level of desire the next day and a lesser ability to reproduce healthy pen!s and sperm cell.

Eleven: If you are a man and you are skimping on watermelon, please repent and make watermelon your drink. Because watermelon has an ingredient called citrulline-arginine which helps relax blood vessels by boosting nitric oxide in the same manner as Viagra – effectively treating erectile dysfunction and maybe even preventing it.

Twelve: Is your dental hygiene poor? If yes, your pen!s will suffer. Researchers have found out that gum disease is seven times more common in men with erectile dysfunction, and you must have a dysfunction pen!s to have an erectile dysfunction, it goes hand in hand. Bacteria in your gum tissue can travel through your body, inducing inflammation and damaging the blood vessels in your pen!s

Thirteen: Last and not the least, this is a bitter truth many do not want to accept. If you have made masturbation your habitual lifestyle, your pen!s is gone already. Addictive masturbation destroys pen!s and makes regular cex an impossibility. If you don’t believe me, ask the victims. What it does basically is to desensitise your pen!s to the point where nothing other than pornography or masturbation can make you reach orgasm. It over-stretches the skin out around your pen!s, so that the skin is loose and droopy, the balls are droopy, wrinkly, and mushy (if you are a 30 year plus or below, you will have the balls of a 60-year-old-man). You will not be able to get an erection lasting more than 75 seconds. 

And also, your brain would have been so badly re-wired so that only pornography can arouse you. Worst of all, urologists might not be able to help.
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Download H0t Video: Big Brother Africa Vina Takes Off Vimbai's Bra With Her Teeth - Watch Video

Big Brother Africa Vina Takes Off Vimbai's Bra With Her Teeth in the presence of other housemates. 

Download and Watch Video as Big Brother Africa Vina Takes Off Vimbai's Bra With Her Teeth Below:- 
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Download Video: Chelsea 3 – 1 Swansea City [Premier League] Highlights 2017

Chelsea moved 11 points clear at the top of the Premier League with a hard-fought victory over Swansea at Stamford Bridge on Saturday.

Cesc Fabregas put Antonio Conte’s men ahead, but Fernando Llorente equalised on the stroke of half time. However, Pedro and Diego Costa struck late in the second period to wrap up all three points. 

Download and Watch Chelsea 3 – 1 Swansea City [Premier League] Highlights 2017 Below:- 
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Saturday, February 25, 2017

LMAO!!! Check Out The Car Presented To The Winner of a Beauty Pageant In Plateau State (Photos)

They say that’s a 1991 Honda Civic. Na by force to give car? Lol. 
See another photo below:- 
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Oops!!! Pee Or Seamen? Justin Bieber Forced To Explain Himself After Being Spotted With Large Wet Substance On Dlcck Area | See His Surprising Excuse

Justin Bieber’s pee photo
After Justin Bieber was spotted walking in Los Angeles with a large wet stain on his sweatpants, many wondered if he had peed himself. The debate took the Twittersphere by storm, subsequently launching the trending hashtag, but the “Love Yourself” crooner has cleared the air—only after making fun of himself, of course.

At first The Biebs took to Instagram Thursday to share a Billy Madison meme that featured Bieber’s pee photo and Adam Sandler from the popular comedy. “You ain’t cool unless you pee your pants,” 
Bieber captioned the picture, quoting Sandler from the scene where he intentionally spills water on his pants to stop kids from bullying a student who actually peed himself.

Bieber obviously had a good sense of humor about the whole thing, but when curiosity continued to sweep the Internet, Bieber tweeted his perfectly reasonable explanation.”Someone got me flowers and I was driving, made a turn, and the water spilled on my d!ck area…” he wrote. “Didn’t bother me if it made ya laugh nice!”
What’s not so funny is how much Bieber’s sweatpants cost. His wet Vetements gray pants retail for $690 but are on sale for $414. Currently, they’re sold out. The water obviously would eventually dry, but there’s something about a water stain on a pair of nearly $700 pants that seems extra painful.But if The Biebs can laugh at off, all is well.
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OH NO!!! Thin Tall Tony Denies His Daughter on Big Brother Nigeria, Calls Her His Niece

Thin Tall Tony is at it again, denying his family. The housemate, popular for his sexcapades with another housemate, Bisola, and for hiding his marriage status from his fellow housemates, has taken it further by denying his daughter whose birthday is today.

Thursday night, while toasting to, Efe, a fellow housemate who shares same birthday as his daughter Emmanuella, TTT said:
“We’re looking forward to that day – tomorrow, you and my niece…” and he raised his bottle of beer in toast. After he says that, Efe calls him back and asks, “that your goddaughter, Ella?” to which TTT replied in the affirmative.
For N25 million, in this recession, it seems some people are willing to deny their entire generation. Lol. 
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This Is Freaking Cranky!!! Ongoing TV Show #BBNaija Forced Angry Nigerians To React After Tboss And TTT Engaged In A Kiss-Battle Last Night | See Exasperating Tweets

So, last night Big Brother Naija housemates, TTT and TBoss kissed. All they, they’ve been unusually close, cuddly and playful till it got sweet at night. Nigerians are now wondering why Bisola let her guard down.

This show is causing high controversy amongst Nigerians, with no more chill from anyone.

Angry Nigerians went fury on twitter blasting the kiss of last night.

Lot more than this has been done on the ongoing reality show, but why will just a kiss make Nigerians get Fury? That is just the Question

See Tweets Below:- 
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Download Video: #BBNaija Bisola, TTT & Tboss In Love Triangle - Watch Video

#BBNaija Video - We can’t wait to see what becomes of this love triangle between Bisola, TTT, and Tboss

Download and Watch BBNaija Bisola, TTT & Tboss In Love Triangle Below:- 
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The Nokia 3310 Makes Comeback With 41 Megapixels Camera And More Stunning Features - See More Photos & Its New Features

At the time when we thought Nokia was losing its stake in the smartphone market, the company indeed has caught many by the wind.
Recall that in recent times, Nokia has been working on getting its brand name and image out there through the Android open market.

The Finnish company had dumped its own OS as well as the Windows OS for Google’s Android which seems to be the most promising of them all at this time. It had incorporated the Android OS in some of its most recent devices.

In a new vein, Nokia has got us spell-bound with a comeback of its classic 3310 GSM phone, which was produced way back in the year 2000. The device was one of Nokia’s most successful phones ever.

Nokia announced the newly refreshed 3310 rocking a massive 41-megapixel PureView camera with Carl Zeiss optics and Xenom flash. The camera appears to create a huge bump at the back of the phone, just like the Nokia 808 PureView and Nokia Lumia 1020 devices.

According to the company, the 3310 boasts a modified version of Windows 8 with a new ‘ClearDiamond’ 3-inch WXGA (768×1280) display which of course is touchscreen. It also features three soft-touch physical navigation buttons, alongside a Windows Phone HOME button.
Incorporated into the Nokia 3310 is a 1.5GHz dual-core processor; 2GB of RAM; 1430mAh battery; 32GB inbuilt storage; Bluetooth 4.0; Wi-Fi and 3G – a moderate spec for a Windows mobile. Although that battery capacity is a little of a disappointment. And as much as we are surprised by the comeback of the old man, we still wish it ran on Android OS.

Pre-installed apps include MS Office, Xbox Games, Outlook and OneDrive. While Nokia notes that the Nokia 3310 will be rolled out with 3G connectivity, and LTE-enabled devices will follow later this year, we expect to see an upgrade in the specs of the 3G version.

Expected to be launch on April 1st, 2017 (April fool’s day). Thanks to the durable design and iconic look and feel of the 3310, we appreciate its comeback and hope it delivers.
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Catastrophic!!! Beautiful Lady Runs Mad In Broad Daylight Exp0sing Her Neykked Body On The Street - See More Photos

This is quite unfortunate, I wonder who or what would have done this to such a beautiful lady as it’s obvious that the thing just started, she still look fresh and talking some sense.

Some good men around had to hold her and cover her with a ‘wrapper’…

See More Photos Below:-
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Download Mark Comedy Video - MY MOTHER | Episode 102

This Mark Comedy Video titled MY MOTHER is a very funny video, it will expose something very important. Download comedy video: Mark Angel Comedy x Denilson IgweMy Mother | Episode 102. 

Download and Watch Mark Comedy Video - MY MOTHER Below:- 

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