Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Download Comedy Video: Crazeclown x Ade x Mushinboi – Agbo Is Not For Kids Don't Play With It

Crazeclown is back with their official slaps videos. Download and watch Agbo is not for kids features Ade and Mushinboi. download and enjoy the video. 

Download Comedy Video: Crazeclown x Ade x Mushinboi – Agbo Is Not For Kids Don't Play With It Below:- 
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BBNaija’s Thin Tall Tony ‘Marries’ Tonto Dikeh’s Alleged Nightmare, Rosaline - See More Photos

Rosaline Meurer, Thin Tall Tony and other entertainment figures recently shot a movie which suggested the actress and the reality TV star got married on set.

Rosaline Meurer, an actress got popular controversially after being romantically linked with Tonto Dikeh’s super-rich husband, Oladunni Olakunle Churchill.

The duo looked good together with Rosaline confirming that TTT is an interesting guy to be with. Rosaline also took pictures with other Nollywood acts on the set.

Meanwhile, Thin Tall Tony is happily married with three kids.

See more photos below:- 

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Breaking Sad News!!! Popular Nollywood Actor, Obi Madubogwu Is Dead

Nollywood actor, Obi Madubogwu is dead. He died Monday afternoon after battling with ‘acute diabetics foot ulcers’, CKN reports.
Obi Madubogwu became popular for his role in the blockbuster ‘Battle of Musanga’ were he played the lead role.
Some months ago, the actor expressed his heartfelt thanks to Nigerians who helped him out financially, physically and spiritually.
He also urged them not to give up on him but to assist him complete the final stage of his treatment which entailed flying out to a US hospital. 
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Breaking News!! 48 Hours After 3 People Lost Their Lives In Imo State, Blamed On Rochas Okorocha Orders, See The Shocking Thing Happening In Owerri Now

Three people were killed on Saturday, August 26, 2017 in a protest by Owerri natives following the demolition of the Eke Onunwa market on the orders of Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State.

But the Police Public Relations Officer, Andrew Enwerem, could not confirm the casualty as he is out of the state.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the situation escalated when one of the protesters, a young man, was hit and killed by a stray bullet fired by security operatives deployed to maintain order in the melee which ensued after the demolition.

Following the death of the protesters, Owerri natives proceeded to set fire to the property belonging to some residents.
Unrests escalated leading to the killing of two more people by bullets fired by security agencies, eyewitnesses say.

Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo state had issued an evacuation order to the traders, advising them to relocate to a new site to make way for development at the market site.

The efforts were resisted by the natives of the area who resisted the relocation of the market by the state government.


Despite a court order blocking the planned exercise by the Imo State government, the market was demolished in the middle of the night by bulldozers already stationed at the scene despite the efforts of the natives.
Military and police personnel have been deployed in Owerri to forestall further breakdown of law and order.
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Body of Nigerian Bride-To-Be Who Was Carried Away By Flood After She Drowned Has Been Found (See Photos)

Body of Nigerian bride-to-be, 31-year-old Miss Olivia Uchechi, who drowned and was carried away by flood at Adoration Ministry in Uke, Idemili North Local Governement Area of Anambra on August 15th, has been found.

Olivia reportedly got engaged last December and was preparing for her wedding set for December 2017.

It was gathered the young lady drowned after she was carried away by flood. According to online reports, she fell into the gutter while easing herself and got swept off by the flood and her body was found in a neighboring village.

Her remains would leave the Mater Amabilis mortuary in Akokwa today, Monday, August 27, for her father’s compound in Umuyaku Umuopia in Akokwa, where she will be laid to rest after a funeral service at St Jude Catholic Church. 
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Monday, August 28, 2017

Download Video: Man C@ught Red-Handed Sle.eping With Neighbor’s Wife - Watch Video

A Kenyan man was recently caught p@nts down with his neighbour’s wife in his house while they were getting down to business.

The lady’s husband who had already left for work, stormed his neighbor’s house with some friends after he got alerted that his wife has been spotted entering the man’s house, and he caught them in compromising position. 

In the viral video shared by E-News, the lady who was tying only a wrapper as she sat on the bed in shame tried fighting her husband but was held back by neighbors who gathered at the scene, as the neighbour was also filmed sh!rtless. 

Download and Watch The Video Below:- 
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Mercy Johnson Writes to Hubby on 6th Wedding Anniversary - ‘I Love You But I’m Still Angry’ - See Her Reasons

The actress took to her Instagram to share a loved-up photo of the beautiful couple.

Sharing the photo to her fans, Mercy Johnson wrote in the caption,

“I know that Hate is not the first enemy of love, Its Fear, as it destroys the ability to Trust….But I have learnt that Love is 2 people,who trust each other enough to say the truth no matter how bitter and it stays between them.. I know, that there are 2 kinds of pain, the one that hurts you and the one that changes you…But I have learnt that in all,you are my partner not my enemy as we either win together or loose together guiding each other like a secret.. 
I know ,that the scars you can’t see ,are the hardest to heal….But I have learnt, that Happiness will always come to those who share their love selflessly as you can’t have love without a little pain and if the bond is strong enough to overcome the obstacle, then its worth fighting for.. And I do know, that as parents,our marriage counts more not less because even the kids are counting on us….But I have learnt ,that commitment is staying loyal to what you said you will do long after the mode you said it in has left you… Its Hard ?Yes it is But I have learnt that couples who make it,aren’t the ones who never had a reason to divorce but the ones who decided that their commitment to each other is more important than their flaws or differences……am never graduating from this school called Marriage…. 

Odi, I appreciate our similarities and I do Respect our flaws…..Am loyal to our love even in your Absence.I Love You…But am still Angry jor

HWA To Us.”
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Reasons Why Girls Now Reach P’uberty Early (Must Read)

There have been recent cases of girls attaining p’uberty at a very early age without a concrete explanation, but this piece appears to give many answers to questions.

Showing all the trappings of a young adult, one would need more than just words to believe that Funke (surname withheld) is just eight years old.

At her age, she already developed b’reasts, one of the primary indicators of p’uberty in females. And the way other parts are growing very rapidly would almost give an impression that she’s someone in her early 20s.

But, truly, Funke is eight, according to her dad, who also expressed surprise with the way she’s ‘growing’, and is now unsettled due to the girl’s likely premature s*xual attention from men. He is equally unsure if the situation is normal, more so that she has also started menstruating. The medical term for early puberty is called precocious puberty.

Realistically, Funke is not alone and her father’s fear is quite understandable. In fact, her case is a fitting reflection of what now obtains across the world, whereby young girls now show obvious signs of reaching p’uberty, as against what obtained in the past, say about 20 years ago, when girls wouldn’t exhibit any sign of p’uberty until about 15 years upwards.

Meanwhile, other indicators of puberty include underarm hair, certain body odour, since the sweat gland would have become active, pubic hair and vag!nal discharge, which is a precursor of menarche, the first occurrence of menstruati0n. All these are now happening to girls below 12, and according to a study published in Paediatrics as far back as 2010, a number of the girls surveyed had reached puberty as early as seven years, evidenced by b’reast development.

According to a consultant paediatrician, Dr. Rotimi Adesanya, the average age a girl is supposed to attain p’uberty is 11, but “these days some of them show those signs at age eight.”

However, there are reasons for this early p’uberty, and it is pertinent to point them out, perhaps to allay the fears of such parents. These reasons include:

Obesity: Literally, obesity is caused by eating too much and moving too little. Thus, if you consume a high quantity of food, particularly fat and sugar, and you don’t burn off the energy through exercise and physical activity, much of the surplus energy will be stored by the body as fat and that leads to overweight or obesity. This was the explanation given by the National Health Service in the United Kingdom. While it is seen as a general problem, obesity has been found to be a major cause of early puberty, especially in girls.

Dr. Adesanya explained that girls now reach puberty early because they eat junk food, snacks, oily food, etc., without doing exercises. He said these days; children would rather play computer games or play games on their parents’ or siblings’ smartphones rather than go out to do exercise. Thus, that lifestyle of eating without exercising has led to obesity and now makes them to reach p’uberty early. He said, “Obesity has strong links with precocious puberty and what favours it is the diet and sedentary lifestyle. Children no longer do exercises; they don’t trek to their school the way we did back then, which helped us to burn fat from our body. So, that is one major cause of early p’uberty.”

Stress: This is one other factor that has been found to aid early puberty in girls. Adesanya explained that traumatic experiences and emotional problems impact on the female reproductive system. He said this had to do with the interconnection among the brain, emotions and the reproductive system, like the hormones controlling b’reast growth and menstruati0n. “Children that go through a traumatic experience or emotional problems may see their period earlier, even though the impact is not as high as that of obesity.

Also, a study by a professor of family studies and human development, Bruce Ellis, and Prof. Marilyn Essex of the University of Wisconsin found that family conflict could influence how early or late girls attain puberty. In the study, which was reviewed on WebMD, a website that provides valuable health information and tools for managing health, they asked the parents of the girls about their economic difficulty, marital problems, parenting style and family stress. It was revealed that girls who live in families with great parental support and less marital conflict experience their first hormonal changes later in life than girls who live in homes where there are marital conflict, family issues, poor parent support, depressed parents and other such unpleasant issues. These were identified to be associated with puberty. “Even modest family conflict or stress may influence a young girl’s s*xual development and these were the normal stresses of growing up, not serious abuses,” Essex tells WebMD.

Now that it is almost inevitable for children to reach puberty early, because children from the rich or average income earning homes are likely to eat so much or even eat junk food, those from poor homes could be stressed emotionally, and those from either divide could come from home with family issues, girls who show signs of puberty should not be treated as aliens.

This development has no doubt made them endangered species, given the rate of rape and s*xual abuse, but parents have been advised to pay more attention to their young female children, because their changing physique could make them attractive to the males, even when they are not mature enough to refuse such (negative) gestures.

An endocrinologist, Dr. Glenn Braunstein, said open communication, nurture, and knowledge of the child’s activities would be good ways to prevent the child from getting into such avoidable troubles. In his analysis on Huffpost, Braunstein said whether puberty arrives early or later at the more expected time, it is always a challenge for children, especially girls and that it was up to parents, guardians and older siblings to help them to be the finest men and women possible, by assisting them through that stage.

He added, “Parental nurture, generally considered a key factor in curbing risk-taking, may be even more important for early-maturing girls. The thinking is that parental influence can help decrease these youngsters’ susceptibility to peer influence, assist them in developing better coping skills and diffuse negative feelings that might turn into negative thoughts and actions.”

Another solution advanced is s*x education, which according to experts, will prepare the girls for the change that is to come and what to do when it comes eventually. However, the experts stressed that one way to make this effective is for parents to encourage their children to communicate freely with them.

A consultant paediatric endocrinologist, Dr. Elizabeth Oyenusi, had said at age eight, a female child should be taught about s*x, so they don’t learn about it from outside or do so the hard way.

She had said, “Whether for a male or female child, once they clock eight years, parents should talk to them about s*x, and there is no need to use nicknames or graphics, more so that such children are exposed to different images on the television or even the Internet. A girl is ready for such education when her bre@sts begin to come out or when she clocks eight.”

Apart from this, parents are advised to teach their children when to say no, and that in certain (identified) situations, it is okay to say no to an adult. It has also been found to be helpful when children are taught where they should not be touched by others; how to get out of an uncomfortable situation and what to do if the adult wouldn’t let go.

A forensic psychologist and expert in the field of mental health, violence, mental health and addiction, Dr. Kathryn Seifert, in his post on Psychology Today, noted that given the way young girls tend to be susceptible to male attention, even at that young age – since they already show signs of puberty – highlighted ways by which parents could avoid such negative occurrences from happening to their children.

She said parents must encourage their kids to talk to them about how their day went, teach them when to run away from an adult, take action and let them see their parents take action when they make reports, which she said would build their confidence level.

She added, “Teach children that the danger may come from someone they trust. Tell your kids that bad touch is bad touch and no one gets to do it to our bodies. If anyone does bad touch, you go to a grown-up for help. When you are not sure about whether something a grown up is doing is okay, ask another grown up to help you.

“Also, take action if you suspect abuse; understand the signs, such as significant changes in sleeping, eating, mood, or strange behaviour that does not quickly go away; and know where your children are and who they are with at all times.” 
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Happening Now!!! Female Thief With 50 Master Keys Caught & This Happened (Watch Video)

Female thief who enters into houses in owners absence, Caught red handed with 50 Master keys in Kaduna Flogged Mercilessly. 

Download and Watch The Video Of Female Thief Caught With 50 Master Keys Below:- 

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Shocking!!! Suspected Yahoo Boy Arrested In Ilorin After He Released Maggot Instead of S’perm In A Lady’s P’u$$y [!8+ Photos]

Wetin our eyes no go see for this country because of money?

You see them with Plenty Blings on their Neck, looking fresh and Cruising Range Rover, Mercedes Benz, Porsche all around time.

Most greedy and foolish ladies run after them and young boys wishing to be like them without thinking of what they do in the corner of their houses to get those ill gotten money.

A News just got to us today that a 24 years old “Lukmon Anifowoshe” who resides in ilorin was arrested today after having S*x with a lady she carried from the club to spend the night with*Name Withheld* before the ugly incident happened.

The Suspected Internet fraudster released handful of Maggot into the ladies p’ussy instead of S’perm.

Lukmon confirmed he was aware and the lady in question has been used and will die very soon. The heartless boy has been detained and will be charged to court as the lady in question struggle for her dear life.

We’ll update you guys as soon as we have more info.


Guys be careful of the Friend’s you keep and stay away from Greed. Don’t indulge yourself in anything illegal, Shady or Fetish just because of Money. You still won’t be the richest in any Town or State you resides in.

You can become anything you want with aggressive determination, seriousness and passion.


Greed and Wannabe have destroyed the life of so many Ladies and Slay Queens. Some ladies goes crazy whenever they see a guy with Car key (Some na Smoke Lighter and Generator key).

Believe in yourself and Strive to become a better person. We’ve seen loads of Pretty ladies with Brain raking in Millions of Naira doing clean and legal business.

If you are the greedy type that fu*k around for Money to buy yourself a Car and live that good life, I pity you because the end result will always be Destructive.

You Will Die!

Stay hopeful, Prayerful and Aspiring.
God Bless you all – We Love You!! 
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Ladies Beware!!! See The Businessman Caught Red-handed Trying to Kill a Woman For Money Rituals in Imo State (Graphic Photos)

A businessman who attempted to stab and kill a woman for money rituals has been apprehended by angry youths in Imo state.

Luck has ran out on a businessman while attempting to use a lady for money rituals at Mbaitoli local government area of Imo state.

The man reportedly stabbed the lady multiple times on her body before she escaped and ran for her dear life. She was seen bleeding profusely after the incident.

After raising alarm, a group of youths mobilized and stormed a bush in the area where the man was apprehended after several hours of search. He was finally arrested and taken in handcuffs by security operatives.
Onyekachi Okoroafor shared the story on Facebook and wrote: “This tragedy @ Umuonyeashi, Nsokpo Ogbaku in Mbaitoli local government in Imo State. The young man, in handcuffs attempted using this lady for ritual, but unfortunately for the man, the lady overpowered him. But the lady was stabbed several places on her body. 

She used her last strength to run for her dear life, to a nearby house, where she got help and assistance. With the team made up of Umuonyeashi youths, all went into the bush in search of the ritualist. After several hours, he was finally apprehended. and handed over to the police. Ladies beware.” 
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See What a Curvy Nollywood Actress Was Seen Doing on the Street of Lagos - See More Photos

Patpat Ugwu is not just an actress, she is also a singer and a progressing model. She is endowed with impressive h!ps and a conspicuous b’um.

She was recently pictured on the set of a movie in Lagos where she played the role of a groundnuts seller. Despite her plebian role, she still looked appealing in her skin-tight green outfit.

Patpat is one of the Instagram figures who show ‘no mercy’ to guys when uploading sensual pictures as she flaunts her body parts freely.

Her popularity in the entertainment industry is steadily growing and in a couple of years, she might be one of the biggest actress to watch.

See more photos of Actress Patpat below:- 

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Nigerian Yahoo Boys Arrested In Ghana, Laptops & Phones Recovered (Photos)

Some internet fraudsters popularly known as ‘Yahoo’ boys have been apprehended by the Madina Divisional Police Command on Friday in Ghana. 

According to multiple online reports from Ghana, about twenty six of them including Nigerians are suspected to be engaged in cyber crime.
The suspects, whose ages range from 19 to 35 were picked up at a suburb of Ashale Botwe near Madina in the La-Nkwantanag/Madina municipality of Greater Accra.

The Police seized 33 laptops, 26 mobile phones, and a number of pen drives from the suspects. 
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Download Video: Floyd Mayweather VS Conor McGregor [Boxing Full Match] Highlights 2017

Floyd Mayweather knocks out Conor McGregor in round 10th to win his record 50th professional fight and keep his incredible unbeaten record.

McGregor started slightly better but Mayweather always looked in control in what was a very underwhelming fight

After all the talk, all the build up, the intensely hyped cross-over match between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor is finally over. The result wasn’t unexpected, but the ride to get there was.

After a pretty close and very competitive first few rounds, Mayweather picked things up and started connecting more. McGregor slowed and eventually it led to a standing stoppage at the 10th round.

Download Floyd Mayweather VS Conor McGregor [Boxing Full Match] Highlights 2017 Video .MP4 Below:- 
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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Download Music: D’Banj Ft. Phyno – Egweji

Nigerian-born D’Banj has been riding high ever since the success of his playful 2012 summer smash “Oliver Twist”—which also features on this 12-track album,King Don Come. 

The singer/songwriter, entrepreneur and TV host delivers fresh hits our way too, harmonising with Afrobeats heavyweights Wande Coal and Harrysong on the irresistibly twitchy album opener “It’s Not a Lie”. Gucci Mane lends swagger to the driving, determined “El Chapo”, while the syncopated beats of “Emergency” permeate the track with an energised, contemporary feel. Switching things up, D’Banj also explores his softer side on the floor filler “Be With You”. 

Download Music: D’Banj Ft. Phyno – Egweji .MP3 Below:- 
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