Watch Video: Oh Lawwd!! What’s Dat? Miss Buhle Mkhize The Twerkist Twerks Again - This Time, It’s Da Bomb |

Friday, November 4, 2016

Watch Video: Oh Lawwd!! What’s Dat? Miss Buhle Mkhize The Twerkist Twerks Again - This Time, It’s Da Bomb

Don’t watch if you are single!! Oh Lawwd! What’s Dat?! Buhle Mkhize The Twerkist Twerks Again… This Time, It’s Da Bomb!

Buhle is not bothered with haters, see her message for the haters and also download the video;
The part I hate about new people on my page is having to readdress stuff. Ladies, GET THIS : I want you to QUIT writing comments that start with…….’ No hate BUT’……’I love Buhle BUT (Insert shade here)’ when you know very well that you aim is pure shade . More importantly : To ALL of you fellow South Africans (I’ve honestly not come across any other nationality doing this) that keep dropping rude comments/questions about my ass ; Let’s settle this once and for all : Drop your man’s phone number below so I can call and schedule a meeting with him the next time I’m home. His palms faced up will be the carpet I’ll do a video similar to this one on. He’ll get to see and feel the bounce of the ass,he can squeeze it too and then come back home and let you know if he felt any silicone or fakeness there. I’m also sick of your rubbish comments about my bubs. For years I’ve repeatedly addressed that I was born with oversize jugs. I had a reduction AND lift in 2010. Your boo is welcome to a total boob bounce dance too if you want to ensure I have no implants. And oh as far as what you think about my newdity : Beeesh, how many times do you want me to tell you that your opinion ain’t s$&t ?. You are all so addicted to following people who break their backs to post the ‘right’ stuff so you can deem them ‘ladies’ or inspiring. I don’t give a crap. I’m on this platform to share my life,my truth UNFILTERED. Get the FOH if you for even one second think you are ever going to see me live any other way. Amazing how I keep blocking your surly asses but you come back here with fake profiles. Why ?. Cause you know that your pap ‘cooking’ ass could use my tips and skills on how to make that ‘Durban curry’. Calm the phuuuk down, you know you need me   . #TheStateOfMyAssAddress 
Download and Watch The Video Below:- 

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